Lights from Brat Guy Enterprises

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#1 - My First Attempt. Named Chatter Star :) because it was my first, and well, yes, lots of chatter....

6061 Aluminum, SF E Series compatible threads. was meant to use CR2 body but was too long. Ended up using and AW IMR 16340 with fairly dented in ends to fit properly. Made on a Harbor Freigh mini-lathe.

#2 - Let's just jump right to Damascus :) . This is the proto for the Deuce

4340 + 1050 Steels, Triple Nichia 219b, uses 18350 battery. Made on a Harbor Freigh mini-lathe.

#3 - CR2 Mule or also known as "the light that killed the mini-lathe".

Solid Nickel 201 Body, Damascus mule head. SF E Series compatible threads. Uses McGizmo style engine. Killed the lathe twice on the Nickel 201. Sort of the turning point. If I wanted to keep going, I needed to do something about the lathe I was using. Go Big or Go home right? Since this isn't the last on the list, we know what happened :)

#4 - 18350 Nickel Silver, Deuce Body Styl, but start of the 3 ringed heads

Nickel Silver. Started out as an 18650 battery design, and due to some technical difficulties :0 it was salvaged into this 18350 light.

#5 - 18650 Aluminum Triple

Deuce style body grip, and 3 ringed head and tail. This was a gift to my nephew as part of sponsorship of his stock car

#6 - 18350 Nickel Silver

No discernable design on this one, just kind of design on the fly

#7 Copper Mule (Head Only)

Uses McGizmo style engine. I only did the head on this light. Body is McGizmo Aleph, and tail is from RPM.

#8 & 9 - 18650 Triples, Nickel Silver and Brass

More of the Deuce Body grip style and 3 ringed heads.

#10 - 16340 single emitter, Damascus and Titanium (Head Only)

Another one where I just made the head. I had a small piece of the original Del Ealy Damascus from the Mr. Bulk DamCham run, and a small piece of Ti, and I decided to create a 2 metal head to go along with the 2 metal Tain Nova body that it's paired with. Uses a McGizmo style engine and a reflector I cut down to fit the small head.

#11 - 18350 Stainless Steel Triple

More Deuce Style grip and 3 ringed head...

#12 - 18650 Damascus Triple

Set this one up with a Lux-RC 371d engine. 1080 and 15N20 Hand Forged Twist Damascus First to have the 3 ring design on head onad body

#13 - 18350 Triple. Aluminum

Another full 3 Ring Design, with my first attempt at bezel crenelations on my newly aquired mill.

#14 - Mokume EDC - Triple R design.

3 color straight grain mokume. Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver. Single emitter with 20mm reflector.

#15 - 18350 Copper Triple - Triple R design

C19210 High Copper (CuFe)

#16 - 18350 Brass Triple - Triple R design

C360 Brass

#17 - 18350 Nickel Silver Triple - Triple R design

German Nickel Silver

#18 - 18650 Nickel Silver Triple - Triple R design

German Nickel Silver

#19 - 18650 Copper Triple - Triple R design

C145 TeCu Copper

#20 - 18650 Aluminum Triple - Triple R design

6061 aluminum

#21 - Brass 16340 E-Series (Body only)

C360 Brass. Triple R body grip. Paired with a prototype McGizmo Sundrop head in brass

#22 - Brass Deuce Mule, 18350

Bringing back the Deuce styling, and added tail flutes

#23 - "The Beast" Triple

Special Request Build. Ti Body sections joined with a bronze connector, and a bronze tail and head. Uses 2 x 26650 batteries. Weighed in at 24 ounces!

#24 - Copper Deuce 18350.

C145 Copper, Triple engine

#25 - Brass Deuce 18350

Aspheric Engine, Tail flutes and crenelations at head and tail

#26 - Phosphor Bronze ??? Deuce 18350

Lux-RC 371d engine

#27 - "The Pounder"

Ti/Aluminum bronze "the pounder". Empty host with no electronics weighs in at 1lb 3.3oz.! 2x 26500 batteries, pushing a 3000k xp-l HI Lux-RC 371d driver. Deuce grip, and various Deuce themes with the rest of the machining. Size comparison shown with other know lights

#28 - Deuce 18350 - Nickel Silver

Weiland N31 Nickel Silver, Amber Dragon Triple w/Nichia 219C emitters.

#29 - Deuce Mule CR2/15270 - Nickel Silver

Weiland N31 Nickel Silver

#30 - Deuce 18350 - Sintered Bronze

SAE 841 Sintered Bronze, Single conversion effor from ThetaSigma (Devin Baur) at Sigma Customs. last pic to show the awesome color this has

#31 - Deuce 18350 - SuperConductor

Niobium rods encased in a copper billet, Using Aspheric lens set-up

#32 - Deuce 18350 - Carbon Damascus

Customer request to have me recreate light #2. Loaded with a CWF UV Dragon with Nichia 219C mains. Was later changed out to a single emitter engine with reflector.

#33 - Deuce 18350 - Copper

Ordered with Head/Tail Crenelations and fluting

#34 - "Number 34"

Customer wanted to have my 34th light made to go along with his '34 Ford Panel Truck, so what better way than making sure it was a keychain light! Peak Eiger head modified to fit the SuperConductor 10220 body.

#35 - Deuce ES

Customer Request for a Side E-switch light. so this was a prototype/design on the fly deal. Clip/Tailcap can be rotated to any position to fit carry style to position the side switch where you'd like. Copper and Nickerl Silver.

#36 - Saturn #1

Customer Requested Super Conductor light. New "Saturn" design on grip and head .

#37 - Bandit

2 color Mokume: Copper and Nickel Silver. Called the grip Design on the is one "Bandit".

#38 - Saturn #2 (Work in Progress)

Custom Request Saturn in Copper with crenealtions and body fluting added.

#39 - Saturn #3 (Work in Progress)

Custom Request SuperConductor light. Variation on the Saturn design.